Deviating from Asian Dating and Talking Cougars

Lately there has been a great need for dating and hook up websites which cater to the growing demand for cougars. Increasing numbers of young men now prefer older women who are perhaps already mothers as there is a certain fetish to hooking up with such women. CougarLife is one of many websites which cater to this fetish. Although this site has achieved massive popularity, it still seems to suffer from major flaws which affect its usability.

Cougar life Review

Here’s another Cougar life review in case you think mine is biased because I normally talk about other dating topics.

The interface which you come across as soon as you click on to the site is a dream for people who are tired of dating sites and excessive spam and advertisements. There are no ads in sight and there are also no spam bots. The site makes a point of only having real people registered so despite some passing claims; the website is quite spam free. For the mere $40 you pay for services every month as a member, it is a pretty good deal.

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The features are quite simple. You can send winks and messages. There is no option for webcam chat however which is a major miss-out as most dating sites have that nowadays. There are endless galleries however which means you can peruse nude photos for hours even if you don’t have a proper membership and are only using the site through a free trial. You can also choose people for your favorites list which is essentially a sort of bookmark so that it is easy to reach them.

cougar dating
Sexy older women are often referred to as “cougars.” The younger men who date them are called “Cubs.”

This website also has an app for smartphones so it can be used regardless of where you are and might provide some entertainment if you are in a boring meeting. This also makes it easier for you to get the contact information of a cougar you like and meet up with her as soon as possible. It is also possible to check and reply to your messages even when you are nowhere near a laptop.

There are also some other fun and exciting features to try out such as being able to see the last time someone checked their mail etc. It makes stalking your favorites all the more fun. You can also enter adult forums where lots of topics are always under discussion and this is a good place to meet people who are interested in the same things as you.

The other feature which is very interesting and somewhat unique is that you can highlight your profile and pictures more if you pay a little amount on top of your membership fee. This means your profile will appear higher in search results (a little personal SEO technique) and you are much more likely to attract your prey. You will get more messages and winks which mean you can take your pick of the lot.

The website recommends completing the profile before you actually attempt to contact anyone because people are less likely to respond to you if you seem unapproachable or if there isn’t enough information about you and what you like and dislike.

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